National Wildlife Refuge Camaronal


The Wildlife Refuge is located at Camaronal beach on the Nicoya peninsula (North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica) 15 km from Playa Samara. It is a rural area with great tourist development.


The main focus of the Camaronal Refuge lies in the conservation of sea turtles, the protection of forest ecosystems and natural regeneration areas. Camaronal Beach is the nesting site for four of the seven sea turtle species that exist in the world; these are the leatherback sea turtle, Olive Ridley, hawksbill and Black Sea Turtle.

The National Wildlife Refuge also contains some relevant native tree species of the area, which are among others: pochote, espavel, cenizaro, laurel, among others. There serve as nesting sites for many bird species as well as howler monkeys, iguanas, squirrels, raccoons and many other animals.

Since the Ora River mouth is located in this area, there is a great diversity of significant fish species (snapper, sea bass, mackerel, etc.). Together with the mangrove areas it proves to be a very attractive area for fishing. If staying at Camaronal beach, you can bring your long board and surf waves reaching heights of six meters in your spare time.

Voluntary actions:

Volunteers can participate in efforts to manage and conserve the resources in the reserve related to:

  • Monitoring and surveillance in research projects.
  • Computational work.
  • Maintenance and daily operation of the facilities.
  • Construction and maintenance of trails.
  • Beach cleanup campaigns.
  • Collection and separation of wastes.
  • Environmental education in schools.
  • Attention of visitors.

Services and Facilities:

The refuge has rustic cabins for hosting the volunteers, the accommodation capacity of the refuge is 25 people. The cabins have facilities such as: showers, electricity, potable water, telephone and internet, cellular coverage, catering, recreation areas and satellite television.